Interested in recording at Golden Bear?
Here is what we offer...


Production -  Need a producer? Our staff can help you budget, arrange songs, engineer, play instruments and organize your album from start to finish.
Engineering - Need an engineer? We have access to some of the best in the country. Tell us about your project and we'll match you with the perfect engineer.
Voiceovers - We can beautifully record your voice for Radio, Television, Films, Theater, Books on Tape or any other presentation. 
Mixing - Mix or let us mix your project on a beautiful ProAc monitoring system with the best EQs, compressors, and plug-ins on the market.
Mastering - We've partnered with Nathan James & Vault Mastering to get your project mastered by one of the country's best engineers.

Tell us about your project. Recording an album with your band? Audition?
You name it and we can make it happen here at Golden Bear Recording Studio.
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