Here at Golden Bear Recording Studio we have one philosophy. Less is more. We have a small selection of very high quality microphones and preamps with the sole purpose of capturing your sound as purely as possible. 

DAW & Monitoring

Apogee Symphony Mk II System
ProAc SM100 Studio Monitors
1975 Magnepan SMG Electrostatic Speakers
AKG KH 701 Reference Headphones

Outboard Gear

Neve 1073 Preamp x 2
Neve 5024 Portico Preamp x 4
Neve 542 True Tape


Telefunken U47
Blue Bottle Microphone
Blue Microphone - Cactus
A slew of studio standards

Guitars: 2006 Gibson J-45 Custom, 1979 Gibson J-50, 1962 Guild Mark III, 1955 Harmony H162
Banjos: 2012 Deering Maple Blossom Custom, 2009 Deering Goodtimes
Drumset: 2002 Ludwig Maple Classic Custom 3pc Kit in Champagne Sparkle, Pork Pie Little Squealer Snare
Pianos:  Steinway & Sons Model K, 1966 Wurlitzer 200A (mint condition), 2012 Korg SV-1
Misc: Kentucky A-Type Mandolin, Lanikai Tenor Ukelele